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Freon Evaporators

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Coolers and Condensers Evaporators
Last used on Freon R404a.
Two fan with electric heater pan and coil. Ideal for chill stores

Product Type: Ceiling Mounted Cooler
Model n°. : CA-20-84 N° of Units: 12
Design Duty: 60.0 kW
Air Temp.: 2 °C
Refrigerant: DX R404A evaporating @ -9.5°C
Air Volume: 6.01 m³/s
Fans: 2 x 630mm Aerofoil Fan-no ESP, 900 rpm; MotorOP = 0.68 kW

FLC = 2.2 A, SC = 7.5 A, OL = 2.53 A, 415V/3ph./50Hz

Coil Data: 8 Rows 4 fpi, Copper tubes, with Plain Aluminium fins

Total Surface = 175.9 m²

Defrost: Coil = Electric (13.3kW), Tray = Electric (3.3kW), Fan = Periph.Heater(0.85kW total)
Casework: St/St Watch Case Finish
Dimensions: 2944mm Long x 958mm Deep x 913mm High
Dry weight: 419 kg Internal volume: 57 dm³
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