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Ziegra Ice Machine


Ziegra Ice Machine

Model ZBE1000
1 tonne/24hr ice production
micro flake – chip ice
Refrigerant R452A
Serial No. 190348

Electric 3 Phase, 50HZ, 6.3 Amp
Made in Germany

Manufactured in 2019, never installed

Like all other types of Ziegra flake ice, micro ice consists of irregular pieces of ice. In the case of micro ice, these pieces are  small, which means there is greater surface area contact with a given product and therefore the rate of cooling is increased. Micro ice is also gentle on delicate products.

Typical uses for micro ice are:

  • Dough cooling in bakeries
  • cooling meat during bowl chopping
  •  Immersion cooling processes (cook & chill)
  • Icing delicate products . e.g. herbs and prawns
  • Sample cooling in Laboratories

PDF ziegra ZBE-1000