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Torry Twin Belt Tunnel Freezer


Torry Twin Belt Freezer last used on fish fillets.

Twin solid band stainless steel belts, 1500mm belt width
11.3m long (tunnel) x 4.45m wide, x 2.87m high

R449A refrigerant, with Grasso RC4212E compressor plant
HC Coil Air cooled condenser, 10 fan cooling, Model MQD 2300,


The Torry continuous air blast IQF freezer provides an efficient, hygienic method of rapid Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) for a wide range of food products, most important feature is its solid stainless steel belt, which protects the food product from damage and contamination.

This can freeze a wide range of products including whole and filleted fish, shell fish, cuttlefish, added-value fish products and a range of processed meats.

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