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StarFrost Tunnel Freezer



MODEL No.    86.8 – 3 x 1 x 8.75

The triple belt freezer is design for freezing and glazing of product. When installed with the glazing rigs the system can add a 20% glaze to the product.

The HT Hybrid Tunnel combines compactness with a highly efficient freezing system. Ideally suited to handling a wide variety of food products.  The HT offers the ability to freeze and glaze harden a variety of products. The stainless steel conveyor belt is loaded with product external to the enclosure. The belt travels through the freezing zone and exits at the opposite end for product removal or re-circulation, the conveyor belt drives are controlled by inverters to allow variable speed for a variety of products and conditions.

Product Description White Fish Fillets Frozen fish fillet
Dimensions L x W x H / Diameter 275 x 82 x 22 mm 275 x 82 x 22 mm
Individual Weight 192g 192g
Capacity 350  kg/hr 1000 kg/hr
Infeed Temperature +5°C -12°C (minimum)
Discharge Temperature (equilibrated) -18°C -18°C
Retention Time (subject to testing) 30  minutes 9 minutes
Product Arrangement (at 50% cover) 10  Regimented across belt 10  Regimented across belt
Product Duty 33kW 20kW (20% glaze)
Overall Enclosure Dimensions 9940 mm 2250 mm 3200 mm
Overall System Length (including belts) 11390mm
Number of Belts 3
Infeed Height 1540mm
Discharge Height (approx.) 800mm
Belt Effective Width 1000mm
Belt Effective Length 8.75m
Belt Effective Area 26.25m²
Infeed Belt Length

(nominal from edge  of enclosure)

Discharge Belt Length

(nominal from edge  of enclosure)

Maximum Product Height 125mm
Belt Material T304  stainless steel
Belt Mesh  Designation Grid + Mesh  B36-12-17
Retention Time Available Min = 9 minutes Max  = 45  minutes
Belt Drive Power Installed 3 x 0.37kW
Evaporator Tube  and  Fin Material DX, Stainless Steel Tubes  / Aluminium Fins
Air Circulation Fans 7 at 2.5kW each  installed
Tunnel Base  Load  / Duty 31kW
Tunnel Weight (approx.) 8000 kg