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Spiral Freezer / Cooler

Spiral Freezer layout

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High quality spiral freezer and coolers for meat, fish, ready meals and bakery products.

Spiral Freezer Kit, complete with belt rail system, belt, evaporator, insulated floor, insulated cabinet, electrical control panel, cabling and lighting.

Basic Freezer Details

Model: SF500
Capacity: 500kg/h
Insulated Cabinet Size 6100 x 4300 x 2600mm
Belt Width: 500mm, 430mm effective
Number of Tier: 10
Belt Length: 112m,100m effective
Drum Diameter: 2000mm
Tier Pitch: 150mm, Product clearance 90mm
Adjustable Range of Time: 20 ~ 100 min
Length of Inlet & Outlet: Inlet 1000mm Outlet 500mm
Height of Inlet & Outlet: Inlet 800mm Outlet 2290mm
Defrosting Method and Period: Water defrosting 1 time/12h

Power for Freezer: 10.85KW
380V / 3P / 50Hz
Refrigeration Consumption: 85KW at -40
Evaporation Area: 900 m2

Refrigeration Capacity: 88.3KW
Refrigerant: Freon

Capacity based on meat products entering the freezer at +20 and leaving at -18