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Spiral Freezer

Spiral Freezer layout

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High quality spiral freezers and coolers for meat, fish, ready meals and bakery products. All freezers and coolers come complete with 125mm thick PU insulated panels and floor pan.

Basic Freezer Details

1 Equipment Type   Spiral Freezer Single Drum
2 Belt Material   Food grade stainless steel
3 Product    TBC
4 Inlet Temperature TBC
5 Outlet Temperature TBC
6 Inner Temperature -38 ± 3 degree Celsius
7 Retention Time   Adjustable
8 Cabinet Dimension 6800mm*5000mm*3000mm L*W*H
9 Length of Inlet Device 1000mm
10 Length of Outlet Device 500mm
11 Height of Inlet Device 800mm
12 Height of Outlet Device 2550mm
13 Qty of Tiers   14 tiers
14 Drum Diameter   2500mm
15 Belt Width   470mm
16 Belt Length   174m
17 Tier Pitch   125mm (effective 60mm)
18 Refrigeration Consumption  (+40 degree C/-40 degree C)
23 Evaporator   Aluminium construction
24 Installed Power for Spiral Freezer 11.55 KW