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Premium Food Quality Flake Ice Machines



Split System drawing PDF
Split System Dimensional and layout drawing


Food quality flake ice machines. For cooling food stuffs such as meat, bakery, poultry and vegetables. As well as in the chemical industry for controlling temperature for setting dyes. As well as in abattoirs, pet food and animal hide transportation.

We offer two types of flake ice. Both have food quality stainless steel evaporators not chrome which can flake, rust and contaminate your product.

Their is the standard system which is self contained on one skid. Compressor, evaporator, condenser and control panel all on one base. The spilt system which has the evaporator and control panel on a frame with the compressor, condenser on a separate frame mounted outside. This means heat generated from the compressor is not heating the room or the product you are trying to chill.

Capacity range from 1 to 10 ton per day.