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Seawater Flake Ice Machine


Ice daily productive capacity 3T/day or 3 tons per 24 hours, 125 kilo per hr.
Flake ice / scale size is approximately 30 x 30mm and between 1.5-2.2mm thick.
Ice temperature: – 8℃
Standard working condition 25℃ ambient temp and 20℃ inlet seawater temp.
Power supply required 380V/3P/50Hz,
Refrigerant: R404a, R449a 
Designed evaporating temp: -30℃
Designed condensing temp: +38℃
Refrigeration capacity: 19KW
Total installed power: 12.24KW
Compressor input power: 11KW
Condensing mode: Seawater cooling; shell and tube condenser
Weight About 650kgs
Dimensions: L x W x H = 1600 x 1285 x 1350mm

Ship board or land based
Used on fishing boats, trawlers or harbours for supplying ice to cover fish and shellfish to increase the shelf life of the product.

Capacity for other units range from 1000 kilo to 10,000 kilo per day.
41 to 416 kilo per hour.

All the ice machines have stainless steel evaporators to prevent corrosion.

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