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Meat Forming Line


Automatic Hamburger Forming Machine can form many products, minced meat, fish mince, potatoes, or vegetables etc. It can process popular products

in the market such as hamburger, Nugget, high end speciality products. Could be used as a pilot line.


Model: Patty 100-III

Technical Parameter

Belt width: 130mm

Power:          0.55KW

Throughput: 2,100 pcs/h

Tank capacity:30L

Weight Error:          ≤1%

Overall Dimension: 860 × 600 × 1400mm

The Battering machine NJJ200-Ⅱ, offers a even coating of batter to any product formed by the former.

Model: NJJ200-II

Width of the belt: 200mm

power: 0.62KW

Input height: 780mm

Output height: 780mm

Overall dimension: 1400 × 550 × 1250mm


Breading machine SXJ200-Ⅱ offer bread crumbs coating to the product.

Model: SXJ200-II

Input height: 720mm

Output height: 780 ± 50mm

Power: 0.86kW

Overall dimension: 1720 × 650 × 1400mm