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Marel Scales

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Marel Scales

Model PL 4020

Capacity 60 kilo

Mounted on stainless steel stands

Model M2200

The M2200 can easily be connected to external devices such
as printers, barcode readers and labeling equipment as well
as network computer systems. The CAN interface also makes
it simple to control relays and air valves. The series TCP/IP
networking capabilities offer a complete overview of both
weighing procedures and data as well as equipment control.
Suitable for a variety of packing operations the Marel M2200
is one of the fastest scales available. The versatile M2200 can
control conveyors and packing hoppers. It connects to the
industry standard CANopen network and has a built-in
programming language for custom applications.
The M2200 connects to most types of label printers for
labeling of catch products. Various label formats are stored in
the scale or maintained from a PC computer. A variety of
software applications are available for the M2200.