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Flake Ice, Scale Ice Machines


Industrial Flake Ice Machines.

Capacity range from 1 ton to 25 ton per day. These high capacity systems are ideal for the land based sea industry. Compact size for the capacity these units are self contained only needing power and water to be up and running.

Flake ice drums can be supplied on their own to add to your existing plant, or upgrade at low cost. Freon or Ammonia systems are available

Our machines are equipped with an evaporator which is a stainless steel insulated double wall cylinder mounted in a vertical position.

Water is pumped into the top tray and then distributed on the inner drum surface as a continuous water screen.

The the low temperature refrigeration inside the double wall will allow the water to freeze to the surface. A spiral knife removes the ice without actually touching the inner wall of the ice drum. Due to the fact that the drum itself is static.

Standard design of our ice makers means an ambient temperature of +25°C, fresh or sea water inlet of +16°C and an evaporating temperature of -20°C/-25°C. The ice temperature will be approx -7°C.

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