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GEA Spiral Freezer and Refrigeration Plant

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Model                                                               S-tec 42(1.7)16-170

Serial Number                                                00095

Build Date                                                       2012

Commissioned Date                                       2013

Belt Width Total                                             1065mm

Belt Width Usable                                          990mm

Belt Type                                                         Stainless Steel Honeycomb

Tier Pitch                                                         170mm

Number of Levels                                            16

Belt Length                                                      322m

Belt Configuration                                           North – North, In bottom left, out top right


Construction                                                    Stainless Steel, Fins, Coil and Casing

Evaporator Duty                                              196kw @ -38

Number of Fan                                                4

Fan KW Rating                                                 15 kw

Brochure gea-s-tec-spiral-freezers-chillers_tcm11-18918

System Description for LPR System Spiral Freezer

2no Semi Hermetic Screw compressors are installed on this central plant application. Compressor specification
Manufacturer Bitzer
Compressor HSNE 8591-160-40P
No. of compressors 2
Refrigerant R-507
Design suction temp -40°C
Design condensing temp. +42°C
Design Economizer temp -0.22°C
Sub cooling duty (total) 42.1 kW
Condenser Capacity (total) 400 kW
Operating speed rpm. 2900
Duty (each) 110.1 kW
Power consumption (each) 116.8 kW1)
Oil Cooling duty (each) 26.8 kW

2 off Air Cooled Oil Coolers OL600
2 off Closed Flash Economiser B35H-24-IP-SE-S
Air Cooled Condenser
1no MGC 244H-725 air cooled condenser has been installed to accommodate the heat rejection from the compressors when operating at full load conditions. The condenser is sized to accommodate heat rejection based on the imposed heat load for the total compressor capacity (336kw).
1no GEA Searle air cooled condenser with the following data:
Make GEA Searle
Model MGC 244H-EC725
Quantity 1
Duty 405 kW
Design ambient 32°C
Air flow rate 43.3 m3/s
Refrigerant R507
Condensing temperature 42.2°C
Fan power / speed 8 x 1.7 kW at 780 rpm
Electrical supply 415V, 3 phase, 50Hz
Material (Coil/Fins) Copper/aluminium
Unit dimensions (L x W x H) 7203×2301 x 1765 mm
Internal Volume 266 litre
Unit weight approx. 1571 kg
Refrigerant Charge 87 kg
The following accessories are included: –
• Millennium 3 Condenser Control Panel prewired to fans
• EC Fans with local isolators
2.3.3 LPR Surge Vessel
The system incorporates 1no horizontal separator vessel with liquid sub-cooler. The vessel is fed by high pressure liquid (42°C) from the condenser via a Danfoss motorised expansion valve.
Number One
Type Florizontal
Diameter 610mm
Length 2500
Design Temperature -28/+50C
Minimum Design Temperature -45c at 5 Bar

Plant Room Enclosure
Acoustic plant enclosure to fit frame dimensions 4400 mm long x 2400mm wide. The overall height of the enclosure from the top of the frame is 2750mm
(2600mm height to lowest point.
External panels to walls, roof and doors constructed from 1,5mm zintec steel polyester powder coated lined with a 5kg/m3 barrier layer and 25mm high density class O acoustic foam re-enforced foil faced.
Two off hinged doors to electrical control panel each with vision panel and compression latches.
One off double door for compressor access with adequate shoot bolts and compression latch locks.
Five off ‘lift out’ door sections with compression latch locks per door.
• 1 off on double door side
• 3 off on opposite side to double doors
• 1 off at end opposite to doors to electrical panel
One off fan ventilation system with attenuated air paths to achieve a flow rate of 0.3m3/s (40 air changes per hour).