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Eurotek Spiral Freezer

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Model No:                                                22(2.2)20-100
Belt width:                                               22″ (558 mm) overall
Belt width:                                               19″ (482 mm) effective
Belt type:                                                  Fusion grid 1.2″ pitch with B36-10-17 mesh overlay. All stainless steel type T304
Number of tiers:                                     20
Tier pitch:                                                100 mm
Maximum product height:                   30 mm
Drum diameter:                                     2,460 mm
Belt length/tier:                                     11.236 m
Effective belt length:                             224.72 m
Effective belt area:                                 91.51 m2
Refrigeration duty (total):                    120 kW
Evaporation temperature:                    -40° C in evaporator
Refrigeration system:                             R404a DX system
Defrosting:                                               Shift defrosting using water

External dimensions of the

insulated enclosure:                              Length 7.6 m x Width 4.15 m x Height 3.4 m
Number of evaporators:                       1
Number of fans:                                     2 at 4.4 kW
Installed power:                                     12 kW
Power supply:                                         415 V/3 PH/50 Hz
Infeed height:                                         ± 800 mm
Outfeed height:                                      ± 2,900 mm


Product:                                                   Cookie Dough on grease proof sheets

Sheet dimensions:                                  390 x 290 mm

Infeed temperature:                               +15° C

Outfeed temperature:                            -18° C

Belt loading:                                            1 across belt width

Water content:                                        15%

Defrosting:                                               Shift defrosting

With the machine selected the following retention times are available for a

nominal capacity of 2,000 kg/hr of each product.


No per sheet: 20
Weight per product: 56g
Weight per sheet: 1.12 kg
Maximum height: 18 mm
Retention time available with

23.8 kg/min:


24.2 mins

Retention time available with

33.3 kg/min:


17.3 mins

Bitzer screw compressor Pack.
Air cooled oil cooler
Liquid receiver
Control Panel
120 kw duty