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Eurotek Spiral Freezer

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Eurotek Spiral Freezer Specification


Model No:                                          CPS 20(1.7) 19-130

Belt width:                                          20″ (508 mm) overall

Belt width:                                          18″ (457 mm) effective

Belt type:                                           Camgrid 1″ pitch with spring wire mesh

overlay B24-12-17. All stainless-steel

Number of tiers:                               20

Tier pitch:                                          130 mm

Maximum product height:               60 mm

Belt length/tier:                                 8.619 m

Effective belt length:                        168.07 m

Effective belt area:                           62.61 m2

Belt speed range:                             2-18 m/min

Refrigeration duty required:           82 kW

Evaporation temperature:               -38°C in evaporator

Refrigeration system:                      R404a DX

Defrosting:                                         Shift defrost using water

Number of fans:                               2 at 7.5 kW

Installed power:                                17.05 kW

Power supply:                                  415V/3 PH/50 Hz

Infeed height:                                    ±750 mm

Outfeed height:                                ±3,280 mm


External dimensions of the insulated enclosure:

Length: 5.875 m x Width: 3.300 m x Height: 3.750 m

This freezer was last used to freezer the following product.
Prepared meals in plastic pouch
Dimensions: 210 x 130 x 30 mm Weight: 340g
Infeed temperature: +80°C
Outfeed temperature: Equilibrated at-18°C
Estimated holding time: 75 mins
Capacity: 400 kg/hr
Loading: Hand loaded 3 across belt width

SPL Refrigeration Plant
Low Pressure Receiver System
Refrigerant: R404A
Oil: Emkarate
Required Duty: 75KW
Evaporating Temp: -40 degc
Overfeed: 1.12
Refrigerant charge: 460 KG
Manufacturer: Bitzer
Number of Compressors: Two
Model: 7451
Te: -40 degc
Tc +42 degc
Duty 74 KW
Absorbed Power 33 KW Each
Oil Cooling: Air-cooled

Manufacturer: Helpman
Tc 42/30
Duty: 120 KW
Number of Fans: 4
Fan Motor: 0.75 KW

Control System
Manufacturer: MITSUBISHI
Type: PLC Model A1-s



Eurotek Spiral Freezer with Bitzer Plant