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Batter and Crumb Line


Automatic Hamburger Forming Machine can form many products, minced meat, fish mince, potatoes, or vegetables etc. It can process popular products

in the market such as hamburger, Nugget, high end speciality products. Could be used as a pilot line.

Fish, meat, sausage batter and bread crumb coating line

Model: Patty 100-III

Technical Parameter

Belt width: 130mm

Power:          0.55KW

Throughput: 2,100 pcs/h

Tank capacity:30L

Weight Error:          ≤1%

Overall Dimension: 860 × 600 × 1400mm

The Batter enrober NJJ200-Ⅱ, offers a even coating of batter to any product formed by the former.

Model: NJJ200-II

Width of the belt: 200mm

power: 0.62KW

Input height: 780mm

Output height: 780mm

Overall dimension: 1400 × 550 × 1250mm


Bread crumb applicator SXJ200-Ⅱ offer bread crumbs coating to the product.

Model: SXJ200-II

Input height: 720mm

Output height: 780 ± 50mm

Power: 0.86kW

Overall dimension: 1720 × 650 × 1400mm


600mm batter and crumbing line available with batter mixer

1 Preduster SFJ600-VI

The Pre-Duster delivers excellent performance for a wide range of applications from a thin pre-dust to seeded flour* types and light to medium crumbs.


Model SFJ600-VI
Speed of the belt 3~15m/min adjustable
Input height 870~970mm
Output height 1000+-50mm
Power 2.93Kw
Width of the belt 4600mm
Overall dimension 2655x1035x2150mm


Air flow system QLS-III:

Technical parameter :

Power 5.5Kw
Overall dimension 1200x1000x1800mm

Air flow system supporting machine of pre-duster




2 Battering Machine SJJ600-V

Batter application is important to make coated products appear perfect. The Hiwell wet coater works with an under-bath and a layer batter curtain. By changing the position of the batter curtain, the process can be fine-tuned to suit the application and provide ideal adhesion for breading


Model SJJ600-V
Speed of the belt 3~15m/min adjustable
Input height 1050+-50mm
Output height 1050+-50mm
Power 2.6Kw
Width of the belt 600mm
Overall dimension 1775x1035x1450mm





3 Tempura Battering  Machine  NJJ600-V


A conveyor belt submerged the product by an adjustable top conveyor to ensure they are completely dipped in tempura or batter. The conveyor belt speed can be manually adjusted. The correct quantity of tempura or batter for the under layer can be set with an adjustable handle. A standard blower blows off excess tempura or batter on upper product side.

Model NJJ600-V
Speed of the belt 3~15m/min adjustable
Input height 1050+-50mm
Output height 800~1100mm
Power 2.17Kw
Width of the belt 600mm
Overall dimension 3100x1020x1400mm

Breading Machine SXJ600-V

The industry standard in coating with the lowest crumb breakdown. It virtually eliminates any crumb damage with its unique crumb circulation system.  The clever design keeps operating, cleaning and maintenance simple while the innovative crumb divider allows a different crumb size top and bottom, and can handle a wide range of crumbs.


Model SXJ600-V
Speed of the belt 3-5m/min adjustable
Input height 1050+ 50mm
Output height 1050+ 50mm
Power 3.7KW
Width of belt 600mm
Overall dimension 2638*1056*2240mm

Batter Mixer DJJ100-II

Batter Mixers for small to medium sized production lines.  This simple, yet effective, mixer design offers versatility and convenience.

Technical parameter :

Capacity of mixing tank 100L
Mixer power 1.1Kw
Pump power 0.75Kw
Overall dimension 1330x836x1330mm