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2000 kilo flake ice machine


2 ton per day flake/ scale  ice machine with 500 kilo storage bin

2000 kilo per day ice system
3 Phase Electric, 415 volt.

Scale or flake ice is an extremely versatile product, with a number of diverse commercial applications, from the fishing industry to the construction sector. It is much flatter and thinner than nugget ice and made by scale ice machines at a lower temperature, around -7℃, meaning it is actually cold enough refreeze its own meltwater. To combat this, scale ice storage should always be maintained at a temperature below 0℃, to avoid the formation of jagged or fused lumps which are not fit for purpose.

Ice, as it melts, enables a product to be cooled and protected from dehydration. Furthermore, the temperature and specific form of Flake ice offer extra benefits to many food and industrial
processes. As flake ice is dry, its cooling input can be accurately calculated and its effects on the temperature of the mixture are quickly apparent. This feature is critical in the chemical and meat
processing industries as well as for bakeries or concrete cooling.

Layout Drawing

Drawing and pictures of 2T flake ice machine with 0.5T ice bin

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