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1 ton Seawater flake ice machine for fishing boats


1T/day seawater flake ice machine details, New condition. Seaice

All stainless steel evaporator with shell and tube sea water cooled condenser. Fitted with a Bitzer compressor.
Mounted in a stainless steel encloser. These machines are ideal for marine environment.

On-board ice machines for fishing boats. These machines can operate with fresh or salt water and are designed to be able to operate with the list of the boat.


1T/day flake ice machine
No Parameters Specs
1 Standard ambient temperature 35℃
2 Standard inlet water temperature 22℃
3 Water resource Seawater / Freshwater
4 Power supply 380V / 4P / 50Hz
5 Working condition Well-ventilated
6 Model SFIM1T-R4W
7 Refrigerant R448a
8 Ice daily productive capacity 1 tons of ice flakes within 24 hours
9 Refrigeration capacity 5.61KW
10 Evaporating temperature Minus 28℃
11 Ice temperature Below -5℃
12 Ice thickness 1.8-2.2mm
13 Ice power consumption 105KWH for making 1 ton of ice flakes
14 Noise 78dBA within 2 meters
15 Running power of complete machine 4.375 KW










Type Semi-hermetic piston compressor
Brand Bitzer, Model 4EES-4Y-40S
Quantity 1Set
Refrigeration capacity 5.61KW
Input power 3.45KW
17 Reducer of ice cutter in evaporator 0.37KW
18 Water circulation pump in evaporator 0.03KW
19 Control system PLC control program
20 Ice density 900~950kg/m3
21 Weight 500kg approx
22 Ice machine dimension

PDF Drawing Drawing of 1T seawater flake ice machine with enclosure

Video testing

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